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Chickidee provide a sustainable income to communities in Haiti and the Philippines by funding the collection of waste plastic.

The plastic is prevented from entering our waterways and is recycled to be reused in manufacturing. 

We collected and pay for 20 times more than the amount of plastic used at Chickidee.



‘Plastic Positive’

Chickidee prevent over 20 times the amount of plastic used in each of our plastic bags and plastic packaging from entering the ocean and send that plastic to be recycled.


‘Cruelty Free’ & ‘Vegan’

Chickidee are making conscious decisions to create products which avoid animal cruelty, from product creation to choosing less harmful chemicals in our products. Keep an eye out for our Cruelty Free and Vegan logos.


Improving Lives

Chickidee provide a sustainable income to communities in need, providing children with access to education, and enabling families to put food on the table.


‘Recycled’ & ‘Recyclable’

Chickidee are choosing to use recycled materials wherever possible. Including using recycled paper for as much of our printing as possible. Lookout for the ‘Recycled’ logo and if the ‘Recyclable’ logo is present, please do recycle when no longer in use.


What We Give

With your purchases, Chickidee helps gives a sustainable and reliable source of income to over seven countries globally and reduce the amount of plastic from entering our oceans.


Your purchases:

  1. Provide Sustainable Source of Income
  2. Prevent and Recycle Over 20 Tonnes of Plastic from Entering the Oceans
  3. Educate the Next Generation on Recycling




Where We Give

By supporting Chickidee and our partners, we are able to help fight poverty and reduce and recycle plastic waste which would have otherwise reached our oceans.

Supporting Families World-Wide





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